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Siding refers to the board type exterior covering used around the walls of a house for the purpose of protecting the house from extreme weather and in letting water drain down without causing any damage to the walls. It is a very important part of building a house and may be made by a range of different materials like wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry, or composite materials. Thus, we have a lot of different types of sidings available to us like, vinyl siding, brick siding, board and batten siding, shake siding, stucco siding, board and batten vinyl siding, fiber cement siding etc.

Batten is a material that is mostly used in building construction along with various other fields. It is like a thin strip of material that is usually made from wood, plastic or metal.

Together board and batten siding refers to the treatment done to vertical boards on the outside of houses using batten to cover up all the seams. Among all the various types of sidings available, the most common and simplest type is board and batten siding.

When homeowners are looking for a siding for their house they want a material that is actually durable. No one likes to have a siding installed in their house that would need to be replaced after 10 years or so. Therefore, when it comes to durability, board and batten siding¸ is what attracts builders as it can easily live even up to 30 years without undergoing any serious damage.

The main advantage of using board and batten siding is that you can easily add in insulation between the siding and the walls of your house. But the downside is that it takes quite some time in installing this, which is why it’s necessary that you do it with patience. All the patience then definitely pays off when people who see it admire the design and praise it. The amount of material required relies entirely on how big the project that you’re working on is.

Another thing that homeowners look for is something that is pleasing to the eye. The siding of a house instantly increases the aesthetic look of the house and ends up increasing its value as well. In this scenario again board and batten siding beats all other siding options. Therefore, if you’re investing in this type of siding it really pays off in the long run.

As compared with other siding types like vinyl siding, board and batten sidings provide more insulation. Another plus point of using this siding is that it is not as inflammable as other types like vinyl sidings. Vinyl sidings also pose the threat of releasing toxic fumes if caught on fire. Therefore, from security point of view, again board and batten siding scores more marks.

Talking about which siding type to choose, it is true that board and batten sidings, considering all the advantages it has over other types, also costs way more than other sidings that weigh only a little less in advantage terms, for example, vinyl siding and stucco sidings.

After discussing all these advantages that board and batten sidings have over other types of sidings, the question arises as to why they are not that widely seen. The reason is that board and batten sidings are mostly associated with traditional looking architectures as they reflect the look of cottage and country houses that were very famous in the past. People who have a taste for modernism generally do not like this traditional look and therefore go for other more crisp and classy looking sidings like vinyl sidings.

Another possible negative point related to board and batten siding is that these sidings require yearly inspections. You have to keep checking them for any splits, rotten edges or the spread of pests that may need to be repaired or fixed immediately before they start spreading to other boards next to it.

Summarizing all this discussion, board and batten siding, vinyl siding, and all the other types of sidings each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You have to be fully aware of what your requirements are and then in the light of those you can better decide whether board and batten siding is good enough for you or you should opt for other siding types like vinyl sidings, shake sidings, cedar sidings or any other type.

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